About Me


It's my pleasure to meet you. I am KJ7UCP, a new amateur radio technician licensed in 2021.

This is the Internet side of where I reference and study my new craft. I make it available for others because I have many people that influence my practice. They help me and I promise to pay it forward.

I've been using radio's to communicate since the mid 80's for hang gliding and paragliding. In the old days, we used CB's, then started using modified 2m radios, and finally got my technician's license in 2021. I have been exploring all the things you can do with a license. I'm really enjoying transmitting through the ISS (International Space Station) and communicating through Amateur Radio Satellites.

I've been using HT (hand held radios) for all of my fun until recently, I have added in a mobile radio with a battery and will put together a case that I can keep my radio in and easily move it about. I'll use this at home as a base station for a while until I figure out what I want to do next.

I also enjoy Japanese style fly fishing and make a web site for my interests there with others in the community: tenkara-fisher.com

What you see here is a diary of sorts that details my journey in Amateur Radio.

Thank you for visiting.