What's New

7/18/21 - Finished Rick Tejera interview, fixing syntax errors in site. 

7/17/21 - Added in 3 books, worked on Rick Tejera's interview, sent off an e-mail to Bob Bruninga for an interview. Set up TM-D710G on the kitchen table and monitored radios at home day with a local club. I made a couple of QSO's. I really enjoy the Kenwood mobile.

7/15/2021 - Updating Patrick Stoddard interview text links, added in Getting Started with Amateur Satellites book. Fixing syntax.

7/11/2021 - Updating Links, organizing, correcting syntax, researching cases for mobile kit, waiting for Patrick Stoddard interview to be returned, writing Rick Tejera interview, programming Kenwood TM-D710GA for repeaters, simplex, FRS, APRS. Added in The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook, my Kenwood TM-D710G and added in more tabs.