Monday, June 21, 2021

First ISS Slow Scan TV Image

Wow, lots of firsts, it's only four months since I received my license. At the time, I had no idea that I could do such things. I knew from earlier study back in the 80's that hams could send a rudimentary television signal but I did not know the ISS sent one that I could receive.

My friends always tease me, "Adam, why don't you just turn on Netflix or pull up a video?" and I get it. But I'm having fun doing it myself, exploring the capabilities of amateur radio.

For those of you reading along that are not radio operators, just to get this image, I have to track the ISS, make sure it is sending the images, capture a sound file, run it through a program to decode and make the sound into a picture. The tone has a pleasing beeping to it, kind of sounds like a hang gliding variometer as you are drifting around in bouyant air without a centralized area of lifting.

For the next few days, the ISS will transmit 12 images, I'll shoot for as many as I can get during that time.

Only a big deal to me. And maybe my family because they know it makes me happy to work on these projects and see them through.