Sunday, July 11, 2021

Kenwood TM-D710GA

Kenwood TM-D710GA powered by a Astron power supply

Super excited to have my D710GA. I promised myself two years of HT's but that didn't happen. I feel like this radio is the next best step beyond a HT. However, I will not be using it in my car, I'll be powering it by a battery, keeping it in a Pelican case when not in use. I see this radio sitting on a small table, me sitting at a camp chair with my left hand on a Arrow II antenna mounted on a tripod!

My point is not to review this radio, there are plenty of great reviews of it online and most of the people that I know have a version of this radio. 

My point in this page is to show how I use it. 

Right now, it's on my kitchen table on top of a borrowed power supply. My Enno battery is currently in production. I've been tuning in various nets this weekend to make sure I have it programmed correctly. I'm using RT Systems software and loaded it up with stations off the AZ net calendar, all the satellite frequencies, and a good pull from RepeaterBook.

I'm about to put it up until my battery gets here. Soon as it arrives, I'll start trimming wires, adding in Anderson Power Pole connections and figuring out which cable and length I need, connectors, then what size case I need.

Till then, I'm finishing up my place on RimLink 442.850 here on Shaw Butte.