Sunday, July 11, 2021

The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook

by Martin Davidoff, K2UBC

ISBN: 0-87259-658-3
Year 2000

The Radio Amateur's Satellite Handbook


1. Introduction to the Radio Amateur Satellite Program

1. History: ->1980
2. History: 1980 -> Future

2. Introduction to Satellite Communications

3. Getting Started
4. Satellite Analog Communications Plus (SSB/FM/PARROT/CW/ROBOT)
5. Satellite Digital Communications
6. Operating Notes

Technical Reference

7. Tracking Basics
8. Satellite Radio Links
9. Antennas for Space Communication: Basics
10. Antennas for Space Communication: Practical
11. Receiving and Transmitting
12. Satellite Orbits
13. Tracking Topics
14. OSCAR: Onboard Systems
15. So You Want to Build a Satellite

Apendix A Radio Amateur Satellite History: Dates and Frequencies
Apendix B Radio Amateurs Operating in Space: Summary
Apendix C Profiles of Current Amateur Satellites
Apendix D BASIC Programs
Apendix E Internet Sites of Interest
Apendix F Conversion Factors, Constants and Derived Quantites
Apendix G FCC Rules and Regulations Governing the Amateur-Satellite Service
Apendix H Satellite Tracking: Graphic Aids