Sunday, August 29, 2021

Arrow 2m / 440cm Open Stub J-Pole Antenna

For my quiver of portable radios, I selected a Arrow Antenna 2m/440cm Open Stub J-Pole. I like the performance of Arrow Antenna products and after several months of using their 2m/440cm 1/4 Wave Ground Plane, I decided to purchase the two piece version of their J-Pole and mount it to a tripod. 

My initial observations in actual usage are good so far. I only have my 1/4 wave on a fifteen foot mast to compare it to and in the future, I will do a direct comparison as both feed lines are easily accessible for a radio check (relax, I'm kidding) with a distant contact.

I am able to put it together in a couple of minutes and break it down just as easy. On the tripod, it is stable enough in a breeze however, I will configure a kit to stake it down for windier conditions and or to prevent it from being knocked over while I am camping or mobile.

The antenna is meant for my Kenwood TM-D710GA which is a 50w max mobile that I run off of a Bioenno Lithium Iron Phosphate 12V 20Ah 240 Watt-Hours battery.